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This new program has been
designed to help consumers
make informed decisions about
credit, mortgages, and calculations.

Consumers could possibly
save thousands of dollars in
financed costs by choosing
the best products for themselves,
learn how to re-negotiate their
current financed obligations,
and calculate future payments
correctly with our software.

This comes in response to the
recent mortgage and credit
crisis that occurred. We are
taking a leadership position in
creating the resources needed to
empower consumers, so that this
crisis is not repeated in the future.

This product cannot
be purchased in any store.


What the experts are saying!

Alex Seda
Licensed Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Life Insurance - Disability Insurance
Tuition - Retirement Planning

"I was impressed by the extensive knowledge provided. Everyone should have this valuable information in order to effectively manage their finances, mortgages. I have worked 12 years in the finance industry as a Mortgage Banker, Vice President for Fifth Third Bank and Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual. I have never seen a better program. The purchase of "Toolkit 1 Digging Out" could save someone thousands of dollars."

David Warren
The Sally Andy & David Warren Team
(International Luxury Home Specialists)

"Whether your a homeowner or planning a real estate purchase it is important to be well informed with the mortgage & credit process. PayMeFirstNow - Toolkit 1 Digging Out - is a valuable asset to manage and protect your most valuable assets. Being a Real Estate Professional, I can assure you that this learning series can be used by the entire family for years."

Includes DVD, CDs, Software and Workbook

If you're in over your head financially
Toolkit 1" is designed to dig you out.

How to manage all your finances.
Paying your Home Mortgage in less years.
Mortgage Loan Modifications.
Short Sale on your hom e & how it can assist you.
Why sometimes you should secure your own loan
when purchasing a new/used car,
and much, much more.


Other pricing options may apply.

TM & Copyright 2012, AMG / Platinum Group LLC. All rights Reserved.

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